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Move with us from wherever you are

Feldenkrais® is a movement-based learning method to increase physical and mental awareness. It leads to improved coordination and overall well being.

Why Feldenkrais®?

Reduce chronic pain

Communicate with your nervous system through gentle exercises and experience comfort instead of pain.

Manage stress better

Recognize stress as a physical manifestation and how to counteract through finding the connection between body & mind.

Experience a new dynamic posture

Learn to rely on your skeleton for stability and free your muscles for spontaneous action.

Improve coordination and balance 

Fine-tune your muscular system for more defined movement and action.

Discover your creative potential

Allow yourself to experiment with new ways of moving, thinking and acting.

Increase your physical and mental flexibility

Subtly challenge your nervous system and learn to move with more fluidity, ease and elegance.

Explore new ways of moving

Allow yourself to experiment with new ways of moving, thinking and acting.

Classes are taught in-person or online and will be recorded.

About Your Teacher

What People Say

Feldenkrais is a significant help. It's been teaching me to consider myself in close detail, as in how a small change can have unexpected effects elsewhere. I use it daily to seek out discomfort and relieve it. I'm far more aware of how I'm sitting, walking, laying and I believe I'm able to prevent aches and pains. I feel better. Michaela is an outstanding instructor and she brings the benefit of her knowledge of physiotherapy to the lessons. I consider myself very lucky to have found Feldenkrais and Michaela and I highly recommend both.

— Glen from Ottawa, ON

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