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One-on-One Classes

The One on One service of the Feldenkrais Method is called ‘Functional Integration’®.

It is a hands-on approach where a practitioner will gently execute small body movements and connects them to a functional context. The lessons are individually tailored to the needs and abilities of each student.

They take place in a relaxed, pressure-free atmosphere that allows the student to learn about her/his body’s skeletal and muscular structures and functions.

Like in a group class setting the practitioner might start with the exploration of particular joints and their movement abilities and integrate more and more body parts to participate and support the function of the joint.

The One on One approach has a deeply relaxing effect on the nervous system and leads to a feeling of ease, vitality, and confidence. People of all ages and abilities will enjoy the benefits of a ‘Functional Integration ®’ lesson.

Classes are taught in-person or via the Zoom platform.

What People Say

Michaela is a dedicated and intuitive practitioner who clearly understands her craft. I came to see her because of a painful frozen shoulder. She was able to relieve the pain but more importantly helped me through targeted exercises to prevent the recurring discomfort. I can not say enough about her ability and kindness and recommend her wholeheartedly!

— Nina from Ottawa, ON

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